My Hockey Team 2011

New version of our most popular app is available in AppStore. Getting ready for the next 2011 NHL season. Check out new landscape mode that would reveal even more individual stats and standing data.

My Baseball Team 2011

Update for 2011 is in the AppStore. We decided not to publish a separate application, and did just an update to existing up. Season will start soon - update your Baseball Team 2011 application!

NBA Schedule is Coming

My Basketball Team app is coming for NBA fans! Waiting week or so for approval.

My Hockey Team 2010 is Approved

My Hockey Team is approved and available in AppStore.


Let’s rename "NHL Schedule 2010" to "My Hockey Team 2010" This also will allow us to do very similar thing for NBA application that is coming really soon. Also would like to welcome everybody to our new site

Got Rejected

NHL Schedule 2010 got rejected. Apparently one cannot use word NHL in the title, or team names for that matter in keywords. Which would make our life and life of our customers much harder, cause they will not be able to find this app so easily as they did in last year. What also interesting is the fact that already approved application for last year schedule remains in AppStore just fine.

NHL Schedule 2010 is Sent for Approval

New Hockey season is going to start in couple month. Last year "NHL Schedule" was I think a big success. New season NHL Schedule 2010 is sent for approval to Apple. Keep our fingers crossed.